There is no one path or "recipe" for your loved one.  We discuss recommendations based upon your family's needs and goals.  Choices can be local referrals, wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools or a traditional day or boarding school with appropriate supports.


  • Wilderness Programs
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools
    • Transitions Planning
    • Learning Differences 
  • Young Adults - College Failure
  • Family Systems Coaching
  • Complete Case Management
  • Alternatives to 4-Year College
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Our Mission 

Critical to success is maintaining therapeutic and academic progress.  We will keep in touch with you and with any program we have coordinated on your behalf. We are available 24/7 for phone support.  As you and your child evolve, so will your needs.

"I feel very lucky to have found Jennifer to work with my family on a residential placement for my teenager. Jennifer worked hard to fully understand our needs, and her professionalism, empathy and insights supported every aspect of this decision. With Jennifer's knowledge and guidance we selected a placement that is a perfect fit for my family, where my teen made tremendous progress and our family is on a path to healing and growth."


Our mission is to provide the highest level of ethics and expertise in a caring and personal way.   

JET ED Consulting is the Premier provider of educational consultative services. Our national practice ensures you get the best options for your family's unique circumstances.

With over 17 years of working with children and teens who need more than a public school educational environment to succeed, JET ED Consulting brings empathy and strategy to each family.  With personal experience as a foundation to our own practice, we attend conferences, participate in panels and support our local schools in educating parents.  We visit over 100 programs a year to bring the you first-hand knowledge.

Jennifer is a Member of the Board of Directors for The Therapeutic Consulting Association and Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association.

Case Management

Not all children or young adults need residential care. Each child is unique - we evaluate and assess levels of care and options, including preventative measures. Wading through the various options need not be confusing or without direction.



We put the plan in motion.  We will advocate for you at various schools, programs and IEP meetings.  We also want to discuss the long-term expectations of the road ahead.

​​The ONLY consulting firm in the BAY AREA with the expertise of parents whose own children needed residential care.  

We know therapeutic choices because we made therapeutic choices.