Forward Thinking

I consider not only the immediate or critical needs, but what might be required in the future.  Child development is a process - lifelong learning and resilience is a foundational principle.

Personal Educational Solutions

Each child is unique - I collaborate with you after careful consideration and assessment. Wading through the various options need not be confusing or without direction.

Parent Support

I am your advocate and coach.  I will keep in touch with you and provide guidance each step of the way. 

When your family and child are struggling, maybe things feel "off-track."  School and social relationships suffer, anxiety and feeling out-of-control rule the day.  I will coach and guide you through the often confusing world of therapeutic educational options.  Whether it is wilderness, therapeutic boarding schools or learning differences schools, my practice provides the structure, solutions and emotional support you and your family need.  Together, we will develop a pathway for success.   ‚Äč

Therapeutic Educational Consulting

The ONLY consulting firm in the BAY AREA with the expertise of a parent - one whose own children had therapeutic needs.  

I know therapeutic choices because I made therapeutic choices.

The family focus

While your child may be the focus, the entire family must be involved.