Jennifer has spent over 15 years working with children and teens with therapeutic educational challenges.  It was when her own children were in crisis and needed an alternative to public education that she felt a calling to help others.  Jennifer has also been to share in the continuing evolution and success of her family's children's residential summer camp in Maine.  She especially enjoys watching the campers mature over the years as each one learns independence, resilience and leadership.  (

With personal experience as a foundation to her own practice, she also follows the research that there is a growing population of teens with behavioral and emotional challenges, critical diagnoses or anxiety such that school and healthy choices are in serious conflict.   Drugs and alchohol are without question at epidemic proportions in our teens.

Further, some of these teens and young adults have undiagnosed pathologies or learning differences which may lead to other addictions such as to media and internet gaming, isolating for hours or days.  Developing Bi-polar, major depression and anxiety often go hand-in-hand with anorexia, transgender or sexual identity, adoption/attachment or even changes in the family dynamic such as divorce and trauma. 

The developing brain is especially vulnerable in puberty to biological changes and injury. Through careful assessment of each family and each child's history, Jennifer brings new ideas, resources and a solid plan for moving everyone in the family system forward - but especially the child or teen's specific crisis.

Jennifer has served on many nonprofit Boards and is an active participant in her professional organization ( and parent support groups around the Bay Area.  She is also involved with the Internet Gaming Education and Support Alliance (IGETA), Attach (, Anxiety and Depression Association of America ( and Willows in the Wind Support Network ( along with many others.

Jennifer's mission is to provide the highest level of ethics and expertise in a caring and personal way.   

Jennifer's practice is unique:  she is the only therapeutic educational consultant in the Bay Area who has had children need residential care.  Further she offers 24/7 support, face-to-face meetings as needed and ongoing coaching.  Please see the "What to Expect" tab at the top for more information about her practice.


"Many helping professionals have an impressive resume, and many others have had personal experiences with having a loved ones go through a treatment process--but few have both.  Jennifer's professional skill set and first hand experience with what families are going through gives her uniquely high credibility."

- Professional Colleague

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Jennifer Eve Taylor

  • B.A. -  Dartmouth College
  • JD - University of San Francisco​