“We can’t thank Jennifer enough for the support that she gave our family during a difficult time.  When we first realized we needed to find a residential treatment program for our teenager, we felt completely overwhelmed without a clue as to where to start coupled with a need to identify potential solutions immediately.  Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable about the programs that are available and the types of students that they will best serve.  With her much needed guidance, we were able to quickly secure a place in a wonderful program and we are convinced that this truly saved our child’s life.  Happy to report that our teen will soon be returning home in a very positive state – we couldn’t be feeling more optimistic or grateful.”

"I feel very lucky to have found Jennifer to work with my family on a residential placement for my teenager. Jennifer worked hard to fully understand our needs, and her professionalism, empathy and insights supported every aspect of this decision. With Jennifer's knowledge and guidance we selected a placement that is a perfect fit for my family, where my teen is making tremendous progress and our family is on a path to healing and growth."