I am a certified Parent Coach, former high school teacher and the mother of a launching 18 year old. I have been through the residential treatment journey with my own family. I combine this background with current research and my work with hundreds of parents in the Bay Area and beyond to assist struggling families.

I work collaboratively with parents to create the structures and support necessary to begin the process of healing their relationship with their teen, promoting a healthy, balanced, and loving connection within families. My parenting credo is “Connection before Correction.” 

In addition to parent coaching, I am a regular leader of the San Rafael Willows in the Wind support group as well as Oakland-based Family Sanity’s support groups for parents. I also co-lead Transition Support Workshops with Willows in the Wind and Coyote Coast Youth and Family Counseling. I run online support groups for parents and teaches the nationally recognized Family Connections Course, a DBT-based class offered through NEABPD.

I received a BA at UC Berkeley, my teaching credential at Holy Names College, plus a MA in TESOL at the School for International Training (SIT) in Brattleboro, VT. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation.

  • Local Personal Service - National Collaborative Group
  • Hundreds of Successful Placement and Consulting Outcomes
  • IEP Advocacy as part of our consulting services - we will be part of your team
  • On-Line Parent Support Group - First Monday of Every Month via Zoom Video
  • Professional Member of Independent Consultant Association:  Peer recognition for the highest level of experience and expertise
  • Deeply devoted parent with the highest ethical standards.

WHY should you choose JET ED Consulting?

Founder and Managing Consultant:   Jennifer Eve Taylor, JD

Parent Coach:  Sarah MacKay Lynch, M.A.

​**See Below for what sets us apart from other Consulting Practices.

I spent 20 years in Healthcare Consulting while simultaneously working with children who had special emotional and academic needs in my community and public schools. This included Radio and TV Appearances, NPR Commentaries and being Executive Director of the Autism Society for the North Shore where I coordinated care for kids with special needs and collaborated with School Districts to increase supports. Then, in 2015, my own child needed a higher level of care in a residential setting – JET ED Consulting was born.

My practice is a concierge style with 24/7 access to services. I am also a member of a 4-person national collaborative group of consultants which opens my practice to more options than other consulting practices. I serve children/young adults from 6 and as old as 26.

I know your loved-one is not the behaviors we see, but an essential and sensitive part of your family. We are all works in progress. I have a family-systems orientation – healing one part of a family rarely yields long-term results.

I am not only your expert, but I am the parent who has had to walk a divergent path. My practice is to provide the comfort and strategies I myself needed.

JET ED Consulting offers resources for out of home placements when local outpatient care has not yielded healthy recovery. My specialty is to work with complicated mental health, usually dual diagnoses. To keep current on Best Practices, i routinely traveling to visit programs from acute psychiatric hospitals, to wilderness to therapeutic and learning differences boarding schools. 

I am a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of San Francisco School of Law.