1.  EYES-ON:  I travel to over 50 programs or schools each year to stay current on administration, academic and clinical leadership, facility changes and admissions criteria.  These visits allow me first-hand knowledge of any program I recommend.  I will help you see the differences.
  2. FUNDING:  Is there a possibility my school will be able to help fund an outplacement or private school?  Some schools are qualified as CA or IL NPS - some are not.  I will help you find whatever money there is.
  3. BUYER BEWARE:  The internet only gives you a snapshot of the school or program and a friend's child's experience may not be what your family needs.  Working together, we will discuss pros and cons of each program as it exists today - for your child.  I will help sort through the hundreds of choices.
  4. JUST CALL: Yes, there is a phone number for admissions - but do you know the kind of information that the school or program desires?  Will you know how to package it such that an expeditious admission decision is reached?  I make sure we have all our documents and application materials ready, so we can get clear answers to our time-sensitive questions.  I will make the call for you and answer the questions.
  5. CONSULTANTS ARE COSTLY:  Yes and No.  Yes, I charge for my service.  No, because you don't have to do all the legwork, analysis of programs, training in the field of Educational Consulting, compare programs, advocate for your child and family, help with crisis situations and navigating placements etc...  Much like realtors, accountants and lawyers who use their education, skills and experience to help a client represent and face a difficult situation, educational consultants provide expertise and resources to support you.  I will help save you from spending money on a program your child does not need. Insurance companies just want to fill beds - not take care of your loved-one.
  6. IEP MEETINGS:  Not just for parents.  Having another person in the meeting to support your positions, challenge the school's proposed program and get the kind of services you wish you have can make all the difference in having a resolution with the public school more quickly and with less stress.  I will help your child succeed.
  7. STRESS:  Let me take the stress away.  Facing the unknown is scary.  I will be on YOUR team.